J-pop boy band NEWS takes the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 dated June 10 to 16 with their latest single “Top Gun,” soaring 34-1 with 184,664 CDs sold in its first week. First-week sales for the four-member group’s previous single were 159,676 copies, so they added nearly 25,000 copies this time around. “Top Gun” comes in at No. 1 for physical sales, look-ups, and Twitter mentions. 

Bowing at No. 2 this week is MONSTA X’s “Alligator.” The single is at No. 2 for physical sales with 170,292 copies sold, around 14,000 less than “Top Gun.” The K-pop septet couldn’t collect enough points in other metrics - they came in at No. 20 for Twitter, for example - to overturn that difference in CD sales this week. 

Also debuting this week at No. 3 is “Jinsei Blues” by Morning Musume. '19. The latest by the eleven-member girl group sold 144,747 copies to clock in at No. 3 for the metric, and like MONSTA X, couldn’t gather enough momentum in other areas to compete with this week’s No. 1 track. 

With the top 3 on the Japan Hot 100 all selling over 100,000 CDs this week, the songs in the top 10 that depend on the digital metrics all dropped a few notches. However, while Masaki Suda’s “Machigaisagashi” slips 2-4, it was actually streamed about a million more times than last week and is currently closing in on the top-streamed song, Official HIGE DANdism’s “Pretender,” which increased by about 230,000 streams.

“Machigaisagashi” also leads video views for the second week and looks like it will stick around the top 10 for a while. 

Last week’s No. 1 song, "Spirits of the Sea" by Kenshi Yonezu, continues to lead downloads but falls to No. 5. While losing about half the total points compared to the week before, the song is gaining in the karaoke metric, entering the top 100 at No. 66. This indicates that the recently released number is already becoming a song that people want to sing, much like another song he wrote, “Machigaisagashi,” also rising quickly from No. 66 to 40 to 16 this week. 

Yonezu’s monster hit song “Lemon” hasn’t budged from No. 1 for the metric ever since it was added to the chart’s methodology back in December 2018 - logging its 29th week at the top - and the prompt ascension of his new releases shows off his might as a karaoke-friendly hitmaker among his many other strengths. 

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and audio streams from Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, RecMusic provided by Gfk Japan, as well as dHits and Uta Pass, and karaoke data from Daiichikosho and XING. 

Billboard Japan Hot 100 Top 10 (dated June 10 to 16)

1. [34] Top Gun / NEWS (184,664 copies / none / none)

2. [-] Alligator / MONSTA X (170,292 copies / none / none)

3. [-] Jinsei Blues / Morning Musume. '19 (144,747 copies / 5,055 downloads / none)

4. [2] Machigaisagashi / Masaki Suda (none / 34,417 downloads / 4,424,776 streams)

5. [1] Spirits of the Sea / Kenshi Yonezu (none / 56,196 downloads / none)

6. [4] Pretender / Official HIGE DANdism (1,478 copies / 15,661 downloads / 4,845,726 streams)

7. [9] Marigold / Aimyon (none / 10,156 downloads / 3,165,889 streams)

8. [10] Lemon / Kenshi Yonezu (2,282 copies / 14,397 downloads / none)

9. [31] Equal / sumika (15,654 copies / 12,265 downloads /  none)

10. [5] Remember Me / MAN WITH A MISSION (6,109 copies / 18,672 downloads / 1,615,686 streams) 

[ ]: Position last week.

( ): Physical sales / downloads / streams (Top 50 only) 

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo