Organized by Weibo, the first ever《Weibo StarLight Forum》took place yesterday (April 11) afternoon in Hong Kong at SKY 100.  The Forum served as a cross-cultural platform for MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks), KOLs, influencers and Weibo Big Vs to communicate, exchange ideas and share experiences.  It also introduced the latest development of Weibo and the plan to support the eco-system of KOLs in 2019, with successful cases and experiences shared by MCNs and KOLs.

Weibo StarLight Forum

I. Keynote presentations 

1/ General Manager, User Operations, Weibo (陳福雲) – In-depth analysis on Weibo strategy and 

     development of Vlog. 

2/ Taiwan Top Intellectual Property Company (起司文藝) - How to use social networks to achieve 

     long-term development on intellectual property of animation-characters 

3/ Hao LU (陸昊), CEO, BeautyQ, China No. 1 lifestyle content company - How to connect 

     contents and businesses through multi channels networks 

4/ Foreign KOL Jerry Kowal (@我是郭杰瑞) - How do foreigners make interesting videos? 

5/ Overseas Chinese KOL (陳文琼@人字拖遊記) - Vlogs, Weibo&The Power of Social Media

6/ Althea Lim, Co-founder, GushCloud, Singapore - Sharings on overseas Social Network Service 

     (SNS) business operation  


II. Roundtable discussion by

1/ Jennie So, General Manager, Weibo International  

2/ WebTV Asia (國際業務及市場行銷高級副總裁 - 倪嘉伽) 

3/ Weibo influence #1 ranked local content blogger @英國那些事兒

4/ Hao LU (陸昊), CEO, Beauty Q

5/ Althea Lim, CEO/Co-Founder, GushCloud, Singapore


III. Award presentations 

1/ Weibo StarLight Forum 2018 Top 10 Influencers 

1/ @英國那些事兒

2/ @日本流行每日速報

3/ @大懶糖

4/ @這裡是日本

5/ @GavinThomas

6/ @奮鬥在韓國

7/ @USA美國那些事兒

8/ @寰亞SYHP

9/ @這就是德國

10/ @我是郭傑瑞


2/ Weibo StarLight Forum 2018 Top 10 MCNs

1/ SubaoJiang (Shanghai) (速報醬(上海)網路科技有限公司)  

2/ Cross-Border Next, Inc 

3/ J GUIDE Marketing 株式會社

4/ Beijing Tooth Fairy Advertising Co., Ltd (北京牙仙廣告有限公司) 

5/ Qingdao Hanhua (青島韓華快訊網路傳媒有限公司) 

6/ Beijing 羽雲(北京)文化傳媒有限公司

7/ First Media Group 

8/ Vstar Japan株式會社

9/ Hang Zhou 杭州黑麥科技有限公司

10/ Social Power Pty Ltd