Japanese three-piece rock band UNISON SQUARE GARDEN is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the release of a special collection of B-sides and the band’s first tribute album featuring covers by some of Japan’s best rock and pop acts. 

USG’s Bee side Sea side: B-side Collection Album dropping on July 3 will include 31 tracks from the band’s past single releases. Some of these songs have been re-recorded and/or remixed, and the project will also feature a bonus track: the 15th anniversary version of “Program continued,” a song written for the band’s tenth anniversary. 

The limited first edition will include live footage from the Bee side Sea side 0 fan club concert and the music video for “Snow Reverse,” the B-side track voted No. 1 by fans. The accompanying booklet will feature interviews and liner notes by the members.  

Thank you, ROCK BANDS!: UNISON SQUARE GARDEN 15th Anniversary Tribute Album features 12 distinctive reinterpretations of USG songs by 12 leading Japanese acts including 9mm Parabellum Bullet, CreepHyp, the pillows, SKY-HI, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and more.  

The limited first edition comes with USG’s own re-recorded studio live versions of the same 12 songs covered in the tribute album. It also features artwork inspired by USG songs by seven artists who have worked with the band in the past. 

UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s B-side collection Bee side Sea side is set to drop July 3, while the tribute album Thank you, ROCK BANDS! will drop July 24, the day the band was formed. 

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo