Singaporean alternative-folktronica singer/songwriter iNCH, a.k.a. Inch Chua, releases her powerful new music video for “Sun & Moon ​☉​+​◑​” today, available now on YouTube.

This is iNCH’s first music video release in over three years. The stunning and fantastical visuals elevate the climate change call-to-action anthem’s message to another level, bringing attention to the severity of climate change.

In the video, iNCH is shown at the shore, submerged almost completely in water, with flowers and nature surrounding her. The fascinating imagery and cinematography emphasize the tension between a feeling of helplessness and a sense of duty regarding the environment. It shows the journey of a person finally noticing a change in the environment, even when it might be too late.

iNCH collaborated with esteemed fashion stylist Josiah Chua and makeup brand Urban Decay to combine the video’s visual aesthetics with the underlying message of environmental injustice. Says iNCH, “It's been about 3.5 years since I last released a music video, so I'm rather nervous. But what gets me excited is working with some of my favorite fashion creatives in this video to talk about the helpless and complicit towards environmental issues.”

To amplify the vintage feel of those moments, director/producer Jayden Tan played with the texture of the video, adding grain and borders of negative frames to an otherwise clear digital film development.

“I wanted to create an enthralling video for Sun & Moon, that is packed with ‘visual candies’ painting the helplessness of climate change. Drawing inspiration from iNCH’s pre-chorus lyrics –‘Have you seen the signs? Have you taken time?’ - we created a character in the video that is gradually evolving – much like the story of our environment where we almost never notice the change until it is too late,” explains Jayden.

“Sun & Moon ​☉​+​◑​” is a folktronica track that features iNCH’s airy yet enveloping vocals over an infectious, head bopping-rhythm. Released on 1 February 2019, “Sun & Moon ​☉​+​◑​” is iNCH’s first major release in over two years and introduces her upcoming album that will debut in an experiential binaural show titled ​No Man’s Land.​ Commissioned by TheatreWorks, the show will run from April 24 – May 4 at TheatreWorks 72-13 and will feature sounds recorded during iNCH’s 2018 expedition to Antarctica. Tickets are available​.