Swedish DJ and producer Alessandro Lindblad, better known by his stage name Alesso, recently performed at the EDM festival Creamfields Hong Kong where Billboard Radio China found itself lucky enough to get an interview with the superstar.  In addition to giving insight into what is next on the docket for his legion of fans, he also gave his thoughts on what he finds as the most challenging part of being in the music industry, as well as how he has progressed as an artist and the importance of specific collaborations in that progression.  


    Discussing the journey to where he currently is an artist, Alesso takes an interesting viewpoint, stating that he looks at it from what has been challenging.  The biggest challenge according to him- not just getting to the top of his craft but learning how to stay relevant and sustain the momentum- with longevity being the key barometer of success.  


“[I’ve] been doing it for seven years.  I think it’s incredible that I’ve had such an on-going career and I’m so fortunate to still be doing what I enjoy.  I think the biggest challenge you have as an artist, to not get [to the top] but to stay there.  I feel like I’ve kept it going pretty good and I’m here headlining this festival, so I guess I’m doing something right,” he explains.

    Turning to the topic of his music and how he has progressed as an artist, he posits that his evolution is, in fact, what has specifically allowed him to stay at the top of his game and concurrently bolstered his confidence.  “I feel like I’ve evolved as an artist, I’m not just one specific thing.  [I] try to create a wide sound.”  He says that early in his career he was afraid to abandon what had garnered him success and was therefore, apprehensive to venture from the music that had made him famous.  


“Today I feel like I have a lot more courage to release the songs that I really enjoy and want to represent.  Before it was like, but I’m known for this sound, so I need to do this.”  Realizing now that he can’t completely detach from his “sound”, he does strive to evolve and thereby encourage people to see him as more of a complete artist.  


Collaborations are one of the building blocks of Alesso’s evolution, specifically those with some artists that might otherwise be seen as unconventional partners for an EDM DJ and producer.  He speaks expressly of his collaborations with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai and South Korean artist CHEN-a member of the boy band EXO.  He attributes collaborations such as these as being key to bridging the divide between the East and the West and opening a door to electronic music that has, until recently, been only slightly ajar.  

“My Goal is to make as many people as possible, fans of dance music because of how great it is.  Everyone should experience it and experience it the right way,” he says, before adding, “you always have to push and try new things, evolve and create.”


Fans of some of his early work will be excited to learn that Alesso has decided to go back to doing what he describes as “two sides of sound,” similar to his first album.  These will contain both rave and hardcore songs that are more suitable for the club, as well as tracks that are more melodic, euphoric, and radio-friendly.  He describes that idea as “two sides of a coin” that he will be flipping back and forth between for the next year.  Check out Billboard Radio China for more exclusive interviews. 


Author: Rikki Plante  

Interviewed by: DJ Doomkitty 

Photo: Universal Music Hong Kong/ Live Nation Electronic Asia / Billboard Radio China