Celebrating their 9th year since debut with their 8th mini album [PERCENT], K-pop girl group Apink is chosen as Artist of the month by Billboard Korea. Making a comeback with the title song ‘%% (Eung Eung)’, Apink chatted with Billboard Korea to talk about music and their future.


The interview video was released on the 21st through Billboard Korea’s youtube channel and their website :  billboard.co.kr/index.html

During the interview, Eun-ji of Apink said “I want to perform more and go meet fans in various countries. Also, even when we get older, I hope Apink members be able to get together on stage as one, just like my role model SHINHWA”


Members talked about their favorite songs that are not as heard as much as the title song. Ha-young sang a short part of her favorite song, “Good Morning Baby”.

On January 6, Charlie Puth retwitted Cho-rong’s solo performace of his song “Done For Me” commenting “Wow who is that”. Cho-rong also wrote the lyrics to one of the songs in their album, and said “next time, I hope we can fill our album with songs written by each of us”.


Nam-joo, having been the mukbang queen among Apink members through a TV show, did a short advertisement of her personal favorite Vietnam cuisine ‘Bunjja’. Bomi, a rookie youtube contents creator, talked about creators she wants to work with.

Na-eun mentioned Eva Armisen, the artist, and added “She’s an artist that paints and spreads happiness which is the same value that I pursue through my career. … I like painting, and I want to draw small moments in life like she does.”


Furthermore, Apink shared their TOP10 playlist and their personal ideas about K-pop.

Their satisfaction with the album, percentage-wise, differed from 50% to 100% and calling out different “favorite title song since debut” made the members break out laughing.