A South Korean producer and a DJ, Junkilla returns with its latest single, ‘Light It Up,’ available for world streaming.




Single ‘Light It Up (feat. Kinnie Lane)’ is a future bass EDM track with the sentimental electric guitar sound and piano topline. The track develops into a strong, energetic beat along with the catchy synth at the drop. Featured vocalist Kinnie Lane, the main vocalist for the band ‘The Evening’, is a French singer-songwriter who has collaborated with many EDM artists in the past. Both Junkilla and the vocalist ‘Kinnie Lane’ wish to deliver a hopeful message to listeners through this track. As the title implies, the song is about lightening up people going through numerous obstacles and struggles. A lyric video of the track will be released on Monday, January 21st, 2019.


Junkilla has released digital single ‘Without You’ and ‘Daydream’ and an EP ‘Surge’ in 2018. Both single ‘Without You’ and ‘Daydream’ have achieved a rather surprising results in Asia region. EP ‘Surge’ has earned more than 610 thousand streams globally on Spotify so far, and more than 640 thousand streams in total just on three Chinese music platforms — QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo.


In February 2018, Junkilla was selected as a music director for speed skating games at the PyeongChang Olympics. Having won Miller SoundClash Korea in 2015, Junkilla went on to represent his country at the world finals in Las Vegas in 2015, where his brave track selection impressed the judges, who congratulated him on his originality and energy behind the decks. Following his electric performance, he became the first Korean DJ ever to be interviewed by DJ Mag – a milestone achievement. Already a name in the local scene, he became widely known to the Korean public after featuring on the major TV variety series “DJ SHOW Triangle” in 2017. As a part of ‘Team Itaewon,’ his powerful performances, mainly centered on the Drum and Bass genre, led his team to victory.