Popular Japanese pop-rockers back number will drop their 20th single “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Feb. 27. The track will start airing as the theme song for a new TBS drama series starting Tuesday, Jan. 15, and will be broadcast for the first time on various radio shows across the country that same day. 

The band released the CD single’s cover art featuring a vintage rotary dial phone drenched in what appears to be white paint. The single will also contain two other tracks called “Exhibition Death Match” and “Justice In The Box.” 

The limited first edition will come with a DVD featuring the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” music video, behind-the-scenes looks at the song’s studio recording, video shoot and photography session, plus some best-of live footage from the band’s stop at Tokyo Dome during the 2018 dome tour called Stay With You. 

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo