Veteran Japanese artist Haruomi Hosono has announced the release of his new album HOCHONO HOUSE March 6, his 22nd solo set following his previous release called Vu Ja’ De’. 

The year 2019 marks the legendary musician and producer’s 50th year in music since his major label debut in 1969 as the bassist for the Japanese rock band Apryl Fool. The title HOCHONO HOUSE is a play on the title of his influential album from 1973 called HOSONO HOUSE, and will feature rearranged, newly recorded, restructured versions of the songs from the earlier project. 

Hosono sings, plays all the instruments, and engineers all the tracks on the album. A cool dance track called “Bara To Yaju (new ver.)” (meaning “Rose and Beast”) was released digitally as the lead single in November, which gives fans a taste of how the classic numbers have been given new life after 45 years. HOCHONO HOUSE will also be released on vinyl.  

Hosono resumes his concert tour Jan. 18, and is scheduled to perform at the Legacy Taipei in Taiwan on Feb. 23 after performing three shows in Japan. 

“Bara To Yaju (new ver.)” 

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo