Fresh from their sell-out ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) party, hugely popular UK duo Third Party (Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass) have unveiled their massive new single, ‘Come With Me’, a euphoric production which perfectly encapsulates the seismic progressive sound the pair have become famed for.


Packed with a moody vocal, Third Party’s ‘Come With Me’ flaunts a huge festival-ready drop and emotive hands-in-the-air hook, spreading the message that music is the ultimate healer for all via the track’s poignant lyrics, “No one has to be alone,” and, “If it gets colder, I will help you find the light.”


Third Party- ‘Come With Me’


Set for release on the duo’s very own Release Records label, the imprint is now celebrating a quarter century of productions. Widely acknowledged for high-tempo club-ready anthems, the label has previously housed huge anthems from the likes of Sentinel, Matt Nash, David Pietras, and many more.


With Third Party recently airing ‘Come With Me’ to rapturous reception in their set at Manchester’s ‘Don’t Let Daddy Know’ event, 2018 has proved another groundbreaking year for the British combo, who are currently working on their forthcoming second studio album. 


With the single dropping on November 9th the duo play Insanity Club in Bangkok, Thailand, and the hotly anticipated Waterzonic Festival in Yangon on November 10th, Jonnie and Harry shared their feeling with Billboard Radio China in an email interview. “Asia is one of our favourite places to perform so being back there to perform just as our new single 'Come With Me' drops is totally perfect timing. Over the last couple years we've seen this huge boom in the Asian EDM market that we've been lucky enough to be a part of and it definitely feels like we've been taken into the hearts of fans. They meet us in huge numbers at airports with our latest merch, they go wild at the shows, they sing along to all the words and melodies - it's crazy! We really couldn’t be more grateful for the love and respect they give us every time we visit. Asia is becoming more and more educated in terms of music taste and knowledge and so we're finding the fans there really explore certain areas of EDM which we think has lead to large numbers being able to find a love for our slightly more unique and less commercial sound.” 


With 2017’s debut album ‘HOPE’ spawning several iconic productions, including ‘Live Forever’, ‘Everyday of My Life’, and Martin Garrix collaboration ‘Lions In The Wild’ (almost 30 million Spotify streams), Third Party have already enjoyed success with hits ‘Free’ and ‘Midnight’ throughout this year, playing across several huge festivals and clubs, including Creamfields, Ministry of Sound London, and Liverpool Olympia- with the pair bringing their sold-out LIIIVE show to the latter back in April. With the pair also using the design during a very special set at Ultra Korea 2018, few acts in the electronic dance music scene right now can quite command the same level of respect and attention as Third Party.