Billboard Japan and Space Shower TV are teaming up with eleven streaming services in Japan to launch the second edition of the NOW PLAYING JAPAN project that aims to provide listeners with occasions and environments to participate in creating new music trends.

Billboard’s sister organization Billboard Japan will take part in this endeavor along with Japan’s largest music channel Space Shower TV and eleven companies that provide streaming services in Japan - - Apple Music, Amazon Music, AWA, Utapass, Google Play Music, KKBOX, Spotify, dHits, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, and Recochoku Best.

The project will culminate in a music event, NOW PLAYING JAPAN LIVE vol. 2, scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 30 at Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo. New artists will compete in the STARTERS MATCH streaming competition leading up to the event showcasing some of today’s most-played artists, and the most-streamed act on the eleven platforms will win a place in the NOW PLAYING JAPAN LIVE roster.

The eight acts nominated for the second STARTERS MATCH are: Anly, Awesome City Club, Denpagirl, NoisyCell, Bentham, Macaroni Enpitsu, majiko, and Rinne Yoshida. The act streamed the most from today (Aug. 7) until Sunday, Sept. 9 from the STARTERS MATCH playlist on the aforementioned services will perform live at the music event, along with several other acts selected based on their chart performances.