Billboard Radio China has achieved a significant milestone in launching the first Billboard FM in Asia starting in Mainland China under the call sign FM105.1 Billboard Radio (Chengdu) with its joint venture partner Chengdu Radio and TV. As its new headquarters, Billboard Radio China confirmed Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.
"This historic development is the result of over two years hard work together with our partner Chengdu Radio and TV," said Gregory Bowers, CEO of Billboard Radio China. 
"With its long history in music, innovation and openness, Chengdu is also the perfect choice for our HQ as we are now uniquely positioned to play a significant role in China's developing music industry and be the cultural bridge connecting East and West. We will also full support Chengdu's progressive music ecosystem including new large scale initiatives in education, training, performing arts, music real estate, and music finance."
Benson Zhang, chief content officer of Billboard Radio China, explained that Billboard radio (Chengdu) will evolve to "provide a new experience to Greater Chengdu's sophisticated music fans as it moves away from traditional models to a provide a new music media convergence platform."

Billboard Radio China's official launch party was held at Space Club Chengdu on July 28 (Saturday), which also celebrated the start of Billboard Radio China's strategic collaboration with China's leading club brand under "Space Club x Billboard Radio China."