J-pop singer Jin Akanishi released “Feelin’,” the lead single from his upcoming rearranged album called À la carte, and the accompanying music video on Tuesday (July 17).

The upbeat dance number was first performed prior to its release during the solo singer’s recent domestic club tour, and the music video is based on live footage from his performance.

The new video lays out the lyrics in handwriting over scenes from a more raw and intimate show compared to the slick visuals for “Fill Me Up” that was released in June, which was based on a performance in a much larger venue with state-of-the-art stage production. The contrast between the two performances is striking and the former boy band member proves that he can hold his own and bring down the house in either setting.

Jin Akanishi’s new album À la carte containing “Feelin’” and newly rearranged versions of his songs will drop Wednesday, Aug. 1.