Japan’s Kenshi Yonezu celebrates his fourth music video to exceed 100 million views on YouTube with his single “LOSER,” shortly after achieving the milestone in June with his latest hit “Lemon.”

“LOSER” was released as a “double-A” single coupled with “Number Nine” on September 28, 2016. The multi-talented hitmaker surprised fans by making his first foray into dance in the video for “LOSER,” displaying aptitude in yet another skill besides his well known knack for music-making and the visual arts.

The 27-year-old artist has topped 100 million views with the visuals for two other songs: “Eine Kleine” from 2014 and “Uchiage Hanabi” from 2017 featuring Japanese rapper/singer DAOKO.

Yonezu’s official YouTube channel now has over 2 million subscribers and has amassed over a billion views with the 29 currently available music videos.