AUGUST 08 releases his debut project, ‘FATHER’, via 88rising and Red Bull Records today. Check it out here. Leading up to this date, the genre-defying artist shared “Funeral”, the first single off of FATHER, which reached #25 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart and racked up nearly 500K streams in less than one month. His videos, for “Funeral” and second track “Lately”, combined for over 300K views. Another standout track, “Father Issues” is a pulsating, wound-up confession, and it perfectly portrays how AUGUST 08 describes his music: “crying on the dance floor”. “On the cusp of skyrocketing very high, very soon,” (i-D) AUGUST 08 has been receiving warm recognitions from tastemakers, including Pigeons & Planes, DJ Booth, and Vibe Magazine, since stepping out as a solo artist. An award-winning songwriter, AUGUST 08’s credits include DJ Khaled’s multi-platinum hit, “I’m The One”, Mic Lowry’s “Oh Lord”, and Sabrina Claudio’s “Orion’s Belt”.


On FATHER, AUGUST 08 uses the absence of his father as the ammunition for a profound first release. He resurrects buried emotions and suppressed memories into eight, powerful songs. Born and raised in the lesser than Hollywood side of Los Angeles, AUGUST gives a vivid and honest portrayal of his life after age 11, when his father walked out on him and his family. AUGUST navigates through the perspective of himself, his mother, and his father to find solitude in the end. 


Uniquely, AUGUST had names of each song title listed before he sat down to write the music. “Missed Call”. “Sick Days”. “Funeral”. These keywords released more than a decade of pent up emotions and in just two days, the backbone of FATHER was completed. On one of the project’s deepest tracks, “Lately”, the emotional, reversed chords act as a bed for sleepless lyrics, such as “I’m in my feelings, I can’t stop tearing up/ The only thing real in my life is, The suicide doors on a lambo.” AUGUST’s buoyant hook melody offers juxtaposition between one’s relationship with materialism and the relationships with the important people around him. The song does not act as a call for sympathy, but serves as a call to shake off his emotional dead weight. The album’s closer is the powerful, “Funeral”, which acts as AUGUST’s confessional booth. The futuristic cries of satellite frequencies may be a reference to his last attempt at communication. Upon arrival at the chorus, the listener realizes that the last stand is warranted, with lyrics such as, “Don’t say it at my funeral, say it to me now”. Here, the emotions have reached a fever pitch and feels like the last opportunity for closure, but all that is left are, two outstretched hands in the lonely darkness of space. “If you don’t say it like this, plain and brutally honest, you’ll end up angry,” AUGUST said. The end result is the culmination of a life-long journey for closure, which refuses to let the goosebumps subside. 





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