BABYMETAL released a new song “Distortion” to coincide with their upcoming world tour that kicks off Tuesday, May 8.  

The song and accompanying music video present a beginning of a “new era” in which a prophecy by the Fox God reveals the existence of “an unknown Dark Side, a legend of seven metal spirits called The Chosen Seven.”  

In the video for “Distortion,” fans get a taste of the “unrevealed Dark Side, the Apocrypha” that is inextricably linked to the Canon of the Light Side - - the story of three metal spirits that fans have come to know as the Metal Resistance. The Chosen Seven converge in a world where “power is distorted through time and space,” signaling the ominous beginning of a new chapter in the legend of BABYMETAL. 

BABYMETAL’s new song “Distortion” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. The trio will hit eight U.S. cities in May before performing in five European cities in June. 


Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Getty Images Entertainment