Katy Perry is thrilled to announce that she is bringing the elements that made her electrifying show such a hit in North America across the globe to Asia so that her fans can experience WITNESS: The Tour as it was meant to be seen, heard and felt. 


After consulting the finest minds in the touring industry, Katy has made sure that the integrity of her larger than life production will not be compromised as WITNESS: The Tour becomes a truly global sensation. 


She doesn’t want to spoil the show, but here are just a few numbers to tease the performance:


50,000 KG of gear traveling to each show.

11 #1 songs in the set list.

10 dancers.

6 complete costume changes, one for each act of the show.

5 band members, including Katy’s bass player who’s been with her since her first album.

2 backup singers.

And maybe One very special Shark.


Here are some of the rave reviews:


“As concert productions go, Perry’s is the definition of top-notch and an Instagram dream: a highly choreographed, sensory overloaded assault that sparkles, swings, struts, and even flies.” – Variety


“Enormous, colorful sets with eye-popping props, strong vocals that kept her at the front of top-40 live performers, and a presence now more refined than radicalized” 

– Los Angeles Times


“Katy Perry’s Witness Tour Looks Are Out of This World”

– InStyle


Will you be a witness?