Tetsuya Komuro, who made headlines in January when he announced his sudden retirement from the music business, continues to set records even after officially calling it quits.

The famed Japanese producer, songwriter and keyboardist was recently recognized by the Guinness World Records for “the most versions/remixes of one track on a top 100 CD album,” with the 36 versions/remixes of the classic TM NETWORK song “GET WILD” on the album Get Wild Song Mafia. The album was released on Apr. 5 last year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the three-member J-pop group.

This album also won the Revisited Award at the tenth annual CD Shop Awards 2018, which decides its winners through votes by music store employees throughout Japan. The Revisited Award recognizes albums that use archival recordings - - reissues, re-recordings, reedited works, new albums of recently discovered old recordings, etc. - - that lead to a renewed appreciation of the artist and effectively convey the intent of the creators of the package.

After Get Wild Song Mafia was released, Takkyu Ishino of Denki Groove released yet another remix of the track called “Full Acid Remix,” and TM NETWORK frontman Takashi Utsunomiya released “Get Wild Pandemic” as the lead single off his latest solo album. The song continues to inspire today’s J-pop artists over 30 years after its release.

“Get Wild” Live

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo