The Japanese rockers Mr. Children released a new ten-minute short film to accompany their latest hit “here comes my love.”

The earnest, yearning love song was first aired last month as the theme of an ongoing TV drama series. Released digitally an hour after the first episode ended, the song shot to No. 1 for downloads and bowed at No. 2 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for the week dated Jan. 15 to 21.

The short film was directed by the young visual artist Kyotaro Hayashi of the creative team Drawing and Manual. Hayashi and screenwriter Koji Karatsu created the story of the bittersweet memories an aging man recalls of his lifelong love, visualizing the imagery used in the lyrics such as a lighthouse and the ocean and poignant lines such as “even if your hand is separated from mine, I’ll stay by your side and won't lose sight of you.”

The film opens with the man reading old letters in a car by the sea on a stormy night. As he listens to the song while recalling his past, the words “Dear You, whom I can never see again” appear on-screen. Watch the emotional story unfold below:


Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo