January 22nd, 2018 – Singapore – Super Whatevr’s debut full-length ‘Never Nothing’ is out now via Hopeless Records. Fans can stream or purchase the album on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify now.

The project of McKee, Super Whatevr began as a vehicle for his poetry, when he started studying the craft of songwriting with the help of a friend and penning songs of his own. While the songs come form a dark place, they’re a reflection of a glimmer of hope amidst life’s struggles.

“All my songs are happy,” McKee explained. “They have a sad tone, but it’s all in a positive manner. I want to help people grow and be vulnerable. If it’s got to be dark, then it’s going to be dark. It doesn’t hurt me, because I know it’s going to help me grow and help other people grow.”

Super Whatevr’s songs don’t seek to push away the darkness. Instead, they invite it in, realizing the only way to move past life’s problems is to tackle them head-on. The songs on ‘Never Nothing’ touch on a variety of issues, ranging from unhealthy urges towards oneself, toxic relationships, and battles with mental health, resulting in a comprehensive, cathartic work about pushing past your demons on the way to self-betterment. “The concept of the album title is that (what might be wrong with you) is never nothing,” McKee said.

Prior to the release of ‘Never Nothing’, Super Whatevr released four singles: “Bloomfield”, “For You”, “Kathrin With A K”, and “Telelelevision”. The full-length is a follow up to the 2017 EP, ‘Good Luck’. Visuals and music videos for the singles can be viewed on the Hopeless Records YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HopelessRecords.

‘Never Nothing’ Track Listing:

1. Ah Oo Oh

2. Bloomfield

3. Kathrin With A K

4. Why Do I Wonder Why

5. For You

6. Cops On Motorcycles

7. Advice

8. Misquote

9. When Doesn't The World End?

10. Telelelevision

11. 8:51 AM (Saturday Morning Congestion Blues)

12. Loser