Dutch/Shanghai-nese singer-songwriter Diana Wang returns to her childhood R&B roots with her second LP, Poem. She gives us a glimpse into her dreams of music: “I always wanted to be creative and free with my music, which is what I have been given an opportunity to do at Fu Music...collaborating and writing my own material has been the best experience and one of my dreams since I first fell in love with music.”

Poem is a reflection of unity in diversity.

Moving seamlessly between smooth and futuristic R&B, there are also clear undertones of her family’s Chinese Operatic roots. Diana’s use of unique Chinese melodic riffs displays her understanding of musical restraint while naturally navigating between two schools of thought.

The second single, “Tomorrow”, features Diana’s mother, Wang Lei, who is a seasoned Chinese opera singer. Khalil Fong also drops in to contribute an emotional guitar solo to round out the musical set-piece. It marks a fresh approach among a new generation of urban C-pop artists. Track 10 of the album, “Random Day” is an imagining of the Beatles doing a Motown record. Featuring Taiwan singer- songwriter Joanna Wang, her signature quirky melodies and vocal arrangements provide a unique randomness to the track. On the searing R&B ballad “主角”, Diana displays a confidence and swag we haven’t heard from her in the past. Diana also shares a personal side in the sentimental “你的女孩” as she reminisces of her childhood years in Holland. Another noteworthy track is “Starry”, a haunting and poignant duet featuring Singaporean singer-songwriter Charlie Lim.

Blending the past with the present, the album producers, Khalil Fong, Derrick Sepnio, and Fergus Chow, collectively known as JTW (Journey To the West) have their sights set on reimagining the soundscape of Chinese R&B.

Diana Wang is undoubtedly a voice to look out for.