Coconut Sunday, a pop band consisting of 3 male musicians and a female singer as the only front woman on a Keytar have released their first album “When the Night Seems So Long” on this Nov 17th 2017.

This album includes their single scored high on many charts from indie to pop radios, Bang-Way-La [The Wall],

Their latest single, “Pawana [Pray]” which was mixed and mastered by Saravuth Pornpitaksuk, who is was Grammy Awards winner of the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for his work on the Historical Album: Louis Armstrong – The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings. The album also includes “In the name of Love” and “Get up and Go!” which were produced by one of the best producers in Thailand, Danai Thongsinthusak. All songs are remastered by Monthon Dilokchavanis, one of the most famous new blood sound engineer in Thailand.

Coconut Sunday is influenced by Daft Punk, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Breakbot. The band’s songs are based on disco grooves and catchy melodies with electro sound. Also, their synthesizer sounds and guitar riffs make their songs even more interesting, colorful, and unique.

After they had won a national music contest in 2013, Coconut Sunday had a great chance to perform in Japan twice, in 2014 and on this March 2017 in Asian Music Spree Music Festival along with a well-known band from Taiwan, Way of Puzzle. This event was held by a group of Japanese organizers which interested in their songs.

Their official album opening song “Simple Song”, the song which represents band’s new direction.

‘Simple Song’ has 2 versions, English (written by Fiat Frost, a nominee for 19th Season Awards as 25 stangs and Jess Lov. ,Coconut Sunday’s vocalist.) and Thai (written by Jess Lov.).

Music video of both versions were shooting in Japan which include their happy moments together while they traveled and performed in Asian Music Spree Music Festival in Osaka.

Coconut Sunday’s first album, “When the Night Seems So Long”, is available to order now at ‘Summer Disc Music Label’ Page →

Physical CD In stores now at Nong Taprachan, GRAM, Happening Shop, Amorn Movie, B2S, Music Friend.

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