Tokyo, Japan - Josie and the Uni Boys performs Momoe Yamaguchi’s classic in Tokyo tour Hong Kong actress-singer Josie Ho’s rock band, Josie and the Uni Boys, went on the road for their first tour in Tokyo. Due to the recent thunderstorms in Japan, Tokyo was seriously affected by heavy rains. However, it didn’t stop the passionate Japanese fans. Tickets of thefour shows were completely sold out.

    In the concerts, the band mainly played songs in Cantonese and Mandarin, but the adoring local fans totally enjoyed the music, erupting in screams and dancing all night long. Prior to the tour, the band revealed that they would play a small part of Yamaguchi Momoe’s famous number “Payback” as Josie doesn’t know Japanese. Surprisingly, they performed the entire song which was rearranged into a rock ballad. Local fans were mesmerised by the new interpretation and Josie’s magnetic low-pitched voice, all standing up and dancing to the music.

    The night came to a climax when the band specially put on their Halloween costumes later in the concert as it was Halloween. While Josie dressed up in a pyjama, the rest of the band sported super hero costumes, the entire crowd were exhilarated.

    “On the day we got on the plane, we learned that a typhoon was approaching Japan. Fortunately, the show was organised as scheduled and fans were so passionate. We’re so touched. That gave us a lot of confident to expand our overseas market,” said Josie.

    In the very last concert, Josie’s good friend, X Japan mastermind Yoshiki, was in the crowd to support the band. Since he entered the venue discreetly after the concert started for a while, the fans didn’t notice his presence.

    As Yoshiki is a good friend of Hollywood star Johnny Depp – who is a hero to Josie, Josie asked Yoshiki to tell Depp that she had especially written an English version of the band’s song Johnny Depp to pay homage to him.

    Now based in the US, Yoshiki specially returned to Japan to watch the concert this time and that deeply moved Josie.