The Kyoto band Quruli announced that they will be joining a choir of 10,000 singers in this year’s performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 at the Osaka-jo Hall on Dec. 3.

Performing the 9th Symphony at the end of the year has become something of a tradition all over Japan. This particular annual event in Osaka began in 1983 and this year’s stage will be the 35th performance. Each year a massive choir of 10,000 participants from the general public prepare by taking lessons locally before convening to the Hall for the big day. The world-renowned conductor Yutaka Sado has managed and conducted this event since the 17th performance in 1999.

This will be the first time in the event’s history for a rock band to join in the festivities. Quruli frontman Shigeru Kishida has never been shy about incorporating various musical influences into his songwriting, and this year he surprised rock fans by composing a symphony - - simply titled Symphony No. 1 - - which was performed by the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra for the first time last December and released as an album in May.

“We’ll do our best on the day of this historic and fabulous musical celebration,” he says. “And we also plan on enjoying the occasion more than anybody.” The musician who also lectures at Kyoto Seika University recently renewed his official website where he discusses the process of writing his symphony at length (unfortunately in Japanese only).

The event is presented by Suntory and will be broadcast in Japan on Dec. 23.

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo