Nogizaka46’s “Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru” takes the top spot on the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart dated Oct. 9 to 15 after selling nearly a million CDs in its first week. It’s the theme song of the movie Asahinagu starring some of the girl group’s main members.

The new single was powered mostly by CD sales, selling 988,768 copies during the tracking week and coming in at No. 1 for physical sales and look-ups. It’s doing great in other metrics as well - - No. 5 for streaming, No. 6 for Twitter mentions and No. 7 for radio airplay - - accumulating points in a balanced way to rise to No. 1 on this week’s Japan Hot 100.

Download points propelled two of the enigmatic singer Aimer’s new releases to the Japan Hot 100 top 10 this week. Debuting at No. 2 is “One,” released as a “triple-A” CD single that also features “Hana No Uta” and “Rokutosei No Yoru Magic Blue ver.” The CD also contains a cover of “Ito,” a popular classic by veteran singer Miyuki Nakajima.

“Hana No Uta” at No. 6 is the theme song of an animated movie entitled Fate/Stay Night [Heaven’s Feel] 1. Presage Flower. It came in at No. 1 for downloads, followed by “One” at No. 4 and the “Ito” cover at No. 55. The CD came in at No. 3 for physical sales.

Kenshi Yonezu continues to dominate the Japan Hot 100 this week with six songs charting including two in the top 5. His new collab “Haiiro to Ao” featuring Masaki Suda bows at No. 3 and “Uchiage Hanabi” with DAOKO continues to be a fixture on the chart at No. 4.

The No. 3 debut of “Haiiro to Ao” is exceptional in that this song is a digital-only release, meaning it has no points for physical sales and look-ups (the number of times a CD has been ripped to a computer). It managed to secure the No. 3 spot mostly through Twitter mentions (No. 1) and downloads (No. 3) as well as video views (No. 5) and radio airplay (No. 23), proving once again that Yonezu is the current king of digital media in Japan.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and audio streams from Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOK, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, Recochoku provided by Gfk Japan, as well as streaming counts based on lyrics displayed on PetitLyrics.