MIYAVI, Japan’s rock guitarist extraordinaire, released the music video for his new song “Dancing With My Fingers” off his upcoming new album Samurai Sessions vol. 2. The single features singer and dancer Daichi Miura and the simple but intense video showcases their incredible artistry working off each other against a stark white background.

Maybe “feature” isn’t the right word when referring to the guests on the album. The tracklist has 10 songs introducing “some of today’s hottest singers and creators in Japan” as “vs,” suggesting that each song isn’t just a collaboration but a one-on-one creative confrontation between MIYAVI and the invited artist. “I hope the chemistry resulting from the showdown of passion that we each possess comes through,” says the 36-year-old mononymous guitarist about his new video with Miura.

Miura began his music career as a child in the group Folder and is now an established solo artist famous for his vocal range and gravity-defying choreography. “When I got the demo, saw the title ‘Dancing With My Fingers’ and listened to it,” he says, “I knew right away that it would become a fantastic song that only he and I could make.” The two have a history of performing together on stage and TV music programs but this is their first original track together.

The video was directed by Takashi Miike, probably the most prolific filmmaker in Japan who has helmed every kind of movie imaginable from ridiculously violent direct-to-video entertainment flicks to feature films screened at Cannes. Miyavi wrote the theme song for Miike’s fantasy period piece Blade of the Immortal from last year. The veteran director’s stripped-down video captures the spontaneity of the two artists’ collaboration and highlights their skill, and he comments that shooting “the real deal” felt like “a paradise that needed no words.”

Another track from the new album, “Gemstone” featuring rapper SKY-HI, has been digitally released in advance. Samurai Sessions vol. 2 will go on sale Nov. 6.