TAKAHIRO, one of the main singers of the Japanese dance and vocal group EXILE, released the music video for “Eternal Love,” his first single as a solo artist in two years.

As the title suggests, “Eternal Love” is a gorgeous ballad that conveys a straightforward, universal emotion that seems all the more profound when considering his recent marriage. The video depicts a story with no lip-synching, reflecting TAKAHIRO’s desire to visualize the message and essence of the love song in a tangible way. 

The baby-faced crooner has made many appearances in TV series and movies as an actor as well, and can be seen playing an unpretentious, sincere young man in the visuals. The prolific filmmaker Yukihiko Tsutsumi wrote and directed the video, developing a romantic narrative based on his interpretation of the song. The music video is basically an excerpt from a 20-minute short film with dialogue that will be released at a later date. 

“I put all my heart and soul into this music video,” says TAKAHIRO about his first solo work in two years. “It’s a heartrending, beautiful love story that expresses the imagery of the song. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Tsutsumi is certain that the movie-like format was ideal for the ballad. “This work has no singing sequences and only features a narrative,” he says, “but by capturing (TAKAHIRO’s) smile and magnetism and editing the footage just as you would a feature film or a TV drama, we were able to create a highly distinctive piece.”

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtsey Photo