The group's musical style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on psychedelic as well as retro elements. 2017 marked the Hong Kong rock band’s 10th anniversary and today (August 30th, 2017) the band held a press conference at Hong Kong Arts Centre to announce the array of concerts in Asia. Accompanying the band’s leading singer Josie Ho, drummer KB (Kevin Boy) and guitarist Dee are stage director Mr. Jimmy Lee and lighting visual effects director Mr. John Wong.

JOSIE & THE UNI BOYS 10th anniversary tour will be launched this September, and first stop is Tokyo, Japan. They are currently rehearsing and excited to meet the audience in Japan for the first time. By request, they will rearrange and perform some classic Japanese pop songs in the Tokyo shows. Following the Tokyo stop, there will be a few in Asia, including mainland China, The Philippines, Taiwan and of course, the band s own turf Hong Kong. At the press conference the band was especially excited to announce there will be 2 shows in Hong Kong at Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre 2018 April 3rd and 4th. The venue is particular picked to convey a different kind of rock concert, intended to deliver a more theatrical show, therefore the band invited two local theatre gurus, Mr. Jimmy Lee and Mr. John Wong to join and contribute in creative ideas, stage design and theatrical visual effects. Audience is guarantee to experience a fun and interactive art concert riding on a story line that will compliment JOSIE & THE UNI BOYS alternative rock style.

About Josie & The Uni Boys :

The band s heart and soul can be perceived through lead singer, acclaimed actress, Josie Ho. Being the daughter of Mr Stanley Ho, the casino tycoon in Asia, Josie s strong distinctive character has never been a million dollar fairlady. Her movie characters and independent movie productions have never follow the norm, this individuality has also been transformed into her music in an unyielding, self-avant-garder rock attitude! Started as a solo rock singer / alternative quirky actress in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, in 2009, Josie and the current band leader KB had the idea of forming a band when the members were already playing on and off for Josie s solo works. One night at an event s after party, Josie brought up her story with her belated dog UNI, the dog supported Josie throughout its life, and the idea to have a band is to support each other wholeheartedly, they all agree almost instantly to name the band JOSIE & THE UNI BOYS.

Determined to share a lifetime music journey, supporting each other to create a voice, this 4-piece band from Hong Kong consists of the lead singer, alternative queen of rock Josie Ho, band leader and drummer Kelvin Boy (KB), bassist Gei Chan and guitarists Dee Lam and Don Cruz. KB, also drummer of legendary bands including Hong Kong s pioneer hip hop crew LMF and indie punk band Hardpack; Gei Chan, bandmate of KB in Hardpack as well as a popular bassist in tours around the world for local and mainland pop stars. Don and Dee have been active in the underground rock scene as well as multi-cultural design and multi-media producers for Hong Kong pop culture. The quartet by far had 4 releases (LP / EP) and will be celebrating 10th year of music journey by touring in Asia plus a 5th EP release in 2018.