Zedd brought a memorable performance in his first time at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, and not only did the star producer appear on the latest cover of Billboard magazine, he was also recently honored with the MTV Video Music Award for "Stay," his collaboration with Alessia Cara.

Before Zedd starts his upcoming Echo Tour at the end of September, he will stop in China to play Ultra China in Shanghai and Road to Ultra Hong Kong.

In this interview with Billboard Radio China DJ Benson Zhang, we learned how surprised Zedd is about his large fan base in China:

A lot of artists said that they are willing to work with you because you are such a nice and open-minded person. What do you think about this comment?

I appreciated it honestly. When I first started with electronic music, a lot of people didn't want to work with me because they thought I was just a DJ. But I am glad to hear that people are a little bit more open-minded. Especially to cross genres, I really like to work with artists from different genres. 

Let's talk about your global hit "Get Low" with Liam Payne. Can you tell us a bit more about this song?

Liam Payne and I met in L.A., and he came to my house. We hanged out and played each other music. "Get Low" was one of the songs that we played. He really liked it, and we decided to work on it together. Pretty soon after that, we got to the studio and recorded the vocal. I was finishing the production, and then the song was done. 

Are you ready for the Ultra China and Road to Ultra Hong Kong?

I am ready, and I love China. I think China has changed a lot in the music scene. The first time I played, nobody knew me or my music. Last time I played, it was incredible. I have a crazy amount of fans that I didn't even know I have fans in China. Whenever I come, there is a new thing, and I am super excited to come back!