Chloe Fang, Billboard Radio China Trilingual DJ is born in Beijing, raised in Shanghai and educated in Hong Kong. She brings her 20-year-old fresh and passionate perspective into delivering the trendiest music updates.

Joining Billboard Radio China since 2014, Chloe has gained rich interview experiences with International and Chinese celebrities such as Grammy-winning rock band Imagine Dragons, British pop rock band The Vamps, Hong Kong-born American diva Coco Lee and Chinese icon Vision Wei Chen etc.. Chloe currently hosts the most popular weekly Mandarin Top 10 show.

In her free time, Chloe is also the vocal of her own western rock band "The Fangs" and covers classics by Nirvana, Muse, AC/DC etc., performing in Hong Kong and Macao. Graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Chloe will also be joining Goldman Sachs Hong Kong as Sales in the coming year.