On this episode of 10 Questions, we were lucky enough to have one of the Canada 150 ambassadors, actress, singer, and winemaker Bernice Liu, come to our studio and have a chat with our very own DJ Doomkitty. She walked us through her career path, current undertakings, and even went into her personal hobby and passion project - winemaking.

Bernice Liu, who might be best known for her role as Princess Sam-tin in the sitcom "Virtues of Harmony", is no princess in real life, but you might be forgiven for making that mistake. She started her career as an actress and celebrity by entering the Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant, in which she won and moved on to win the Miss Chinese (International) Pageant alongside awards for being Miss Photogenic, Miss Cosmopolitan, and Miss Talent in the process. From there, she was offered an artist contract by TVB which gave her the beginnings of her career. She first starred in the sitcom Virtues of Harmony as Princess Sam-tin, and she also played a role in more than 10 series of dramas before leaving TVB. She then joined the new TV station ViuTV and featured on a series named "Margaret and David: Green Beans".

Apart from featuring in local television series, Bernice also stars in a Singaporean TV Series named Lion Moms, in which she plays as a role of a mom in an expatriate family. Lion Moms Season 2 is scheduled to be aired in this coming August, and Bernice said it was a great fun working with the same children again, and how the filming for the series has created a bond between her TV family and herself.

In her free time, Bernice has also picked up winemaking out of a love of wine. But this actress turned winemaker quickly gained recognition with the wines she produced, winning a Gold medal at the Women’s Wine Competition 2012 and a Bronze medal at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2012. She also shared the charity experience she had with the wines she made, mentioning the shocking experience of seeing her wine auctioned at a price higher than she could ever have imagined. There’s only one way to find out more about how a girl from a small town in Canada became a princess and star in Hong Kong and that’s to check this interview out!