In this episode of 10 questions, we are thrilled to have the “mid-fi synth-wave” icon Com Truise with us! Before Com Truise performed for the latest MO Sound-Bites event, our own DJ Doomkitty sat down with him in a great room at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. The talented producer talked us through his newly released album Iteration, touring experiences, inspirations, and his future plans. Coincidentally, this was the day Iteration launched, which gave us a chance to be the first people to find out about the album as it was released.

Speaking of the name “Com Truise”, the synthwave lover said it was indeed a joke between friends back in the time when he had no expectation for his first EP released online. “Com Truise”, therefore, served as an attempt to bring multipack into the music for himself. Com Truise had been working in an advertising agency as a designer for almost 6 years before he returned to the music industry and produced his latest album. He said there is a huge difference between making music and working for a company. “It was still interesting but obviously being controlled and limited".

Com Truise’s long awaited album has finally been released after 6 years. Iteration marks his changes through the years and with the help of his own more mature experiences, this record sounds more open and has more headroom. Talking about the narrative of the album, he shared that it was all about two aliens escaping from their societies and the breakdown of communication within civilization. Com Truise also said throughout these years, he has gained better production techniques which he can’t wait for the next record in order to spark his creativity.

Inspired by music like Indie Rock and Funk, Com Truise thinks it's too easy for people to get access to music nowadays and that the majority of people have become over stimulated. He said he enjoyed listening to new music and playing the weird gems he finds. Com Truise also gave us some advice on listening to albums which can help to understand the artist’s perception of music. Jump right into this episode of 10 Questions to find out more about Com Truise, his touring experiences, and some great music!

Text by: Connie Fong