Cherub Wants To Spend More Time Performing In Asia: Interview

Nashville electro-indie duo Cherub have gone from topping rock and indie charts to working with influential hip-hop DJ and Producer DJ Premier over the course of the last few years. The duo, who partnered up with Premier on the track “My Space Baby” earlier this year, discussed the experience and their desire to spend more time performing in Asia in an interview with Billboard Radio China in August at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival.

As an electronic inspired duo coming from the heartland of country music, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber are excited to show the world a less represented side of the Nashville music scene. Having gained international attention with their 2014 hit, Doses and Mimosas, the band are touring with new music and collaborations, evidenced by their work on My Space Baby. Talking about the project, the band say working with DJ Premier was a highlight of their lives. “DJ Premier is a legend and he has been making amazing class music for decades now. … It was a very surreal moment to get into his studio, watch him making music, and collaborate with him. His process of making music is so pure and he just does it. It was really cool.”

Planning ahead, the band wants to grow their name worldwide, with an added focus on new audiences around Asia and the world. The band sees Asia as a place they want to spend more time focusing their energy towards, and have promised to spend as much time as they can in China playing music, making lots of friends, and “just sending love.” Working to grow the foundation they’ve built up so far, along with making more music and creating more “stuff for people to get into,” the duo still has a lot to get done to reach their dreams but they’re well on their way.

You can check out the full episode of 10 Questions on Billboard Radio China.