Sam Feldt Talks China, ’Sunrise’ And His Upcoming U.S. Tour: Interview
Dutch DJ/Producer Sam Feldt finally released his highly anticipated first studio album ‘Sunrise’ on Spinnin’ Records on October 6th, which also features Akon, Inna, Jake Reese and more. 
Fresh off the stage at ‘Ultra China’, Sam caught up with Billboard Radio China to talk about performing; paying more attention to the Chinese music market, his debut album and his upcoming US tour. 
At Ultra China, “The crowd had a lot of high energy, I was actually a bit tired before I got on stage, because I didn’t sleep last night, but these guys helped me get back on my feet again. What makes it different is really the crowd, from the very first song I played, everybody was going crazy with so much energy, and it was only 2 in the afternoon, so for me, it was so cool and surprising.”
 “China always inspires me, I’m very good friends with for example Carta, we worked on a track together, so it is a very cool upcoming dance market, and I am definitely going to pay a lot of attention to.” With more and more Asian DJs performing on the international stage “It’s good, for example India and China are really coming up in the EDM scene, and you can see all the festivals coming here, it means a lot. There are a lot of very talented producers and DJs, so why not? If someone’s really talented, I would like to work with them.”
‘Sunrise’ showcases Sam’s unique style of slow tempos and rich beats, and “It’s all about diversities. A lot of people said they listen to my music on a Sunday morning waking up with a hangover, also at the club or before going out to party, so it has different moments when you listen to my music. That’s what I want to embody on my album, one track is perfect for 9am, one track is perfect for 2am.”
Looking to Sam’s upcoming US tour, “It’s going to be a live band tour with the live trumpet and live saxophone, we are working on getting a guitarist onboard as well, I will be playing some piano. Also, I’m performing in some very good theaters, for example PlayStation Theater on Time Square in New York City, I’m looking forward to that.”

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