For die-hard EDM fans, songs like "Legend" and "How We Party" are definitely no stranger as they marked the top hits from the rising EDM duo Vinai. As Vinai expands its footprint from Italy to all across Asia, the most wanted duo came to Hong Kong for a late night show in Zentral this month and sat down with Billboard Radio China to talk more about their new music, touring and 2018 plans.

Alessandro shares his feeling about Hong Kong, describing the place as one of his favorites. Talking about the Hong Kong show, he expressed his expectation for a crazy night out and more interactions with the local fans. As EDM grows bigger in Asia, touring in Greater China is definitely becoming an enjoyable experience for DJs as the Chinese audience always brings extra energy and good vibes to every show. "We came here in China 3 years ago, the situation has now changed a lot, that’s why we love to do shows in China.”

One of the biggest milestone for Vinai in 2017 is earning a place at No.32 on DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, as Andrea put it, "It was an significant achievement to Vinai... Being on the DJ Mag Top 100 for a DJ is a goal, we will keep climbing the ladder in 2018."

Speaking about other artists on their minds, Tiësto and David Guetta are at Vinai's top list as the best in the best. Alessandro also expressed interest in Hip-Hop and potential collaboration with rappers in the future, especially American hip hop trio Migos.

To learn more about Vinai's new release with DJ Redfoo "Everything I Need" and the story behind their hit "How We Party" with R3hab, go check out the video below: xxxxx