Psytrance blows up in the EDM market, as well as the Vini Vici. For the fans of psytrance, duo Vini Vici (Aviram Saharai & Mayan Kadosh) is definitely the hottest name popping up the psytrance charts. The Israel DJ Aviram wrapped up his first ever Creamfields Guangzhou’s performance this month and sat down with Billboard Radio China to share his latest music at backstage of Guangzhou Canton Tower, Guangdong,  China.

 "This is my first time to China, it was amazing, the production was great, the reaction of crowd was amazing... I arrived yesterday, and this is my first show, I have another eight shows and I am very happy with the beginning one."

Talking about the formation of Vini Vici, this is the fifth year to Aviram and Matan running in this project.  "We have known each other for 16 years, grew up together and studied at the same high school in Israel. ” Aviram add,  "We played in a psytrance trio, Sesto Sento, with another partner, Itai Spector five years ago. But we wanted to start something new, so here it comes today’s Vini Vici. "

Aviram never expects they could get into the commercial music market, or even have opportunities to play in music festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland. At the very beginning, Vini Vici aimed to the underground scene, to the heart of Psytrance, but the more underground scene they have been through with their music, the more attention from commercial music market is paying on them.

Sharing the process of how Vini Vici produce their psytrance, Aviram explains, "We see the track as a story, that’s what psychedelic trance is all about... to deliver a climax, and should come like a soul from a body."

With its track - “Great Spirit”, collaborating with DJ Armin Van Buuren and Hilight Tribe, Aviram describes that was a an amazing experience with working with the “boss of trance” and “tribal hippie band”. That’s why the track is called “Great spirit”, because it is the combination of different cool people in a track.

For Vini Vici’s Chinese fans,  Aviram said “ Never stop partying and good vibes only.” Meanwhile  there are three things fans should be aware that its new track, collaborating with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike featuring Cherrymoon Trax - “The House of house” was released on April. Another track with Steve Aoki, called “Moshi moshi” is out on 21 April.  What more excited is that Vini Vici will be launching its record label - Teza.

Check out the full interview and find out more about Vini Vici at Billboard Radio China.