Khalil Fong and Diana Wang’s performance at the Billboard Radio Live in Hong Kong 2018 received a great response from the crowd with a live band that became one of the key spirits behind this fantastic show. Terence Harper and Frank Houston, who played trumpet and saxophone respectively, brought out the sultry vibe to the performance, proving to be one of the highlights of the show. We were lucky to invite Terence and Frank to have a chat with our DJ Doomkitty to talk about the story behind their music, lives, and how they came to Hong Kong to work with some of the great names in local music.

Terence was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he grew up playing jazz, he graduated from Rutgers University as a classical trumpet major in 2009, where he studied under William Fielder, who has been regarded as one of the greatest trumpet instructors of his generation.

Frank was also born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he began playing his primary instrument, the saxophone, in elementary school. In middle school, he was introduced to jazz and quickly developed a deep passion for the genre. During high school, in the marching and symphonic band, he began playing the euphonium, which temporarily became his main instrument.

Both of them had never heard of Khalil’s music while they were in America, but after they flew to Hong Kong to really meet him, they were impressed by his music, his multiple talents, and his chill vocal. They had an opportunity to do a recording session with Khalil which they took it as a learning experience and even ended up working on Khalil's latest album, JTW.

Listen to the full interview to get to know Terence Harper and Frank Houston.