In this episode of 10 Questions, we’ve got the talented Ferry Corsten with us! We got a chance to interview Ferry before his show at MVST in Shanghai, telling us the details and inspirations of his fifth album, the sci-fi-themed “Blueprint”. The Dutch electronic music producer wants to share his feelings towards music to the audience and tell a real story rather than develop just a passive listening experience. Not only does “Blueprint" serves as a mixture of an audio book and a music album, this time, it is clearly that producing the album is also an ambitious move for Ferry.

You might have heard of the idea that “The art of albums is done” but Ferry is determined to disprove the whole idea. He said there are more and more people with the mistaken belief that “the shorter the music, the better the quality” and that “No one wants to buy an album anymore." Yet, he has a completely opposite stance and believes we could do a lot more with the unknown elements in the world and produce various pieces worth buying. That’s also why he is so passionate to produce an album like “Blueprint”, put together with the visual aspects of his live-shows, just to change the majority’s perspective towards music nowadays.  

Ferry explained the core storyline behind ‘Blueprint’, a moving tale of two alien characters completing a secret mission on Earth while avoiding discovery. He expressed his love of the whole production and believed with the help of narrations, it could truly support the whole story. Also, what Ferry is going to do is to make “Blueprint” a ground-breaking piece and brings out the message of “thinking out of the box” to all of us.

If you would like to know more about this talented and innovative producer, remember to check this interview out!


Text by Connie Fong