The Grammy Award winning Australian record producer, musician and DJ recently sat down with Billboard Radio China at Creamfields (Hong Kong) to talk about everything from how he got to where he is today, defining his music, and what’s next.  

Talking about his journey so far Flume commented: “I just got lucky with the ride…early on I worked with a bunch of people who are really talented and great…they helped push the music to the world. I think also I was doing what I was into and somehow it just clicked with a big audience. I’ve been really fortunate. I’m at a good place right now that I’ve got the two records under the belt. I feel quite free creatively”. 

Defining his music is not something Flume tries to do: “I just make what I make. It goes where it goes. Over the years…the music has just gotten maybe heavier. I’ve probably gone in that direction a little bit. I like the idea of just dropping singles. It seems way easier and more chill…but I feel like it would be tough for me to do that because I’ve got quite a diverse array of sounds…and a lot of the stuff I do isn’t really singles…it would be tough for me to just do that. I think EPs could be cool. I’ve got a lot of music I’m working on and I want to put it out somehow”. 


‘‘Never Be Like You’’ and “Say It”, which broke Flume into the mainstream featured vocals from Canadian singer Kai, and Swedish singer Tove Lo. Working together so closely with other artists, which also include Lorde, Vince Staples, Raekwon, George Maple and Beck among others was a new experience for Flume. “I feel like I’ve just been figuring it out as a producer in the old sense. It’s different every time. I think it works different for everyone. Sometimes it all happens in the studio…(sometimes) I really like to do my own thing and then connect. And going forward Flume would “like to do something for a Kanye record…he works with people I really look up to…. and ‘Damon Albarn from ‘Gorillaz’.  

As to what’s next? Flume says he wants to concentrate on writing as well as returning to Asia. “I want to come back to Asia, travel around…find studios and write with local artists. A couple of pop up shows…maybe”  

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