It’s time for another great episode of 10 Questions with Doomkitty! We sat down with two of the men at the helm of Hong Kong’s production of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Daniel Buys and David Spencer. Daniel plays one of the central characters of the play, Tick/Mitzi, a drag queen travelling through Australia with two friends to perform at his ex-wife’s casino and meet his young son, while David directed the local production of the musical and was part of the original production in Australia in 2006/2007.

     Between the pair of them, we got the history of this iconic musical based on the 1994 Australian movie of the same name that found international acclaim and controversy. Coming at a time when LGBTQ rights were still very much a taboo topic, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert gave the world an introduction to the world of drag in a fun and moving way that told the story of three men coming to terms with their places in the world and being comfortable with who they are. Drag, for those who aren’t aware, is the process of dressing and acting like a member of the opposite sex, so men would act like women and women like men.

     For the cast, coming from the South African production earlier this year, this is a chance to explore Asia and present their show to a new audience. Asked about the potential reception they worried they may receive in a part of the world that may have different views on things like drag and sexuality, both men remained convinced that Priscilla Queen Of The Desert had something to offer everyone, from children to adults alike. We got a chance to check out the production and absolutely loved it! From the multitude of bright and insane costumes and headpieces to the moving story and exceptional musical numbers, the show proves to be a great time for all.

     Check out the full interview above to find out more or head to to get your tickets. Priscilla Queen Of The Desert runs until October 22nd at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.