Sammy Adams Talks New Single “Shining”, Keeping Things Positive: Interview

Boston rapper Sammy Adams just hit 30 this year and is showing no signs of slowing down after nearly a decade in the industry.

Celebrating his 30th birthday on August 14th, Sammy released his latest single, Shining, on August 18th, just days before his first ever performance at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival. Billboard Radio China made sure to get some time with the rapper at the festival to get his thoughts on everything from defining his music to expanding his horizons.

Talking about his latest single, Shining, Sammy went with the song because it “got [him] right in [his] feels.” The rapper sees self-doubt as natural and part of the human condition, even more so in the music industry, but sees himself as doing his best to stay positive for himself and to help encourage that in his fans. Shining is the latest take on positivity from Sammy as  he sees the song as being about believing in yourself, staying positive, and finding someone or something that can make you the best version of yourself.

Talking about his music, Sammy explored how he defines his music and production style. Much of what he creates is developed from the mood of the day, how he feels or what he went through. He explains that Shining is different from his usual fare, more EDM influenced and “poppy”. He seems himself as lucky to be his own creative director, bringing his own energy into anything he creates. Most importantly, he sees his music as a way to bring fun to people.

Following Shining, fans can expect to hear new music on a regular basis. According to Sammy, the next release is titled Driving and will be available soon.

You can find the full interview at Billboard Radio China.