In this episode of 10 Questions, we're honoured to have Dutch DJ and EDM Producer Dyro get on the phone with our own DJ Doomkitty. Dyro started his music production career back in 2010, being one of the first artists that signed with Revealed Recordings founded by fellow Dutch DJ Hardwell. Aside from being an uprising DJ and EDM producer, Dyro also managed to get a degree in Industrial Engineering in Netherlands. He discussed flying back home to take exams during international tours and how he managed to grind it out and finish his degree.

After he toured a few years under Hardwell’s wing, gaining both experience and exposure in the scene, he decided to move on and set up his own label WOLV Records. A part of the decision comes from the experience he had with Hardwell, who not only signed Dyro to his own label, but served as a mentor to him as well. WOLV began as a way to help new and upcoming talents gain the same freedom and support at the start of their careers. 

In the interview, Dyro and Doomkitty also talked about releasing the stems of “Against All Odds” on Splice, which is similar to releasing the scores of a piece of music online. Dyro shared with us the way he produces music by explaining a little bit of his thought process and brainstorming methods, and helped give us some insights on how all these wonderful and intricate songs are created. 

This year, Dyro has been touring in China, and hoping to explore a less developed market and bring EDM to not only China but also other countries throughout Asia. He is also planning to release more music and hopefully make up for his hiatus throughout 2016. Make sure to check out the full interview to find out more about Pyro, the adventures he’s had throughout his career, and check out some of his great music!