Zebra Entertainment Enterprise, in partnership with Insomniac, held a press conference in Shanghai to announce the landing of Electric Daisy Carnival China(EDC). Insomniac, known for it’s unparalleled music festival experience and globally renowned production, brings North America’s largest dance music festival to Shanghai on  April 29-30, 2018. Zebra also announced the EDC China theme song audition plan and the DJ Contest.

Originally launched in 1997 in Los Angeles with a small crowd of dance music lovers, EDC has since grown exponentially, having hosted more than 1 million fans worldwide throughout its 22-year history. EDC China marks the festival’s sixth international destination and the latest global chapter in EDC history. The first-ever EDC China takes place Sunday, April 29, and Monday, April 30, at Shanghai International Music Park in Shanghai, China.

Senior Director of Event Development, Matt Teper and Head of Talent from Insomniac, Dave Ralph, talked to us about the journey of developing EDC and all the details about EDC China:

Billboard Radio China (BRC): Hi gentlemen, welcome to Shanghai! I just landed here like 1 hour before, what about you guys?

Matt: We landed at 4 o’clock yesterday. 24 hours in Shanghai.

BRC: Wow, that’s pretty rush, maybe less than 24 hours. We are very excited cause today you guys just made a history. Congratulations about the EDC China. Tell me a little bit about your emotion right now, how’s your feeling at this moment?

Dave: When we walk to the press conference area and see the scope of our media partner who presents the EDC to the Chinese people, we kind of blown away.

Matt: I think EDC is a very shocking experience from our stages, performances to the overall experience.

BRC: This question goes for Teper. How long does it take to prepare for the EDC China from day 1?

Matt: Probably 2 years. The process is very long, always involves the right partner, the right venue, the right city, all those things take time, energy and research, but we are happy to be here now.

BRC: Choosing the right partner is a big deal. Why do you choose Zebra Entertainment as your China partner?

Matt: Scarlett and Eric from Zebra Entertainment have been amazing partner in sharing the EDC vision, like what the EDC really means, so I choose Zebra Entertainment as our China partner.

BRC: My next question is, why do you pick Shanghai as the first stop of the EDC?

Matt: We think that Shanghai is an incredible place, it is becoming the capital of EDM. The fans here are more experienced with dance music through night clubs and radio, so we gonna start in Shanghai and expand to Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

BRC: In recent years, many international EDM brands have come to China, like Creamfields Hong Kong and Taiwan last December, and also Creamfields China this year. So what’s the unique part of EDC China?

Dave: I think that all the brands you mentioned are established, there is no doubt that they are significant on a global scale. But what makes EDC different is the experience. The wild factor our company creates is unique. Like what I said before in the press conference, everything you see in the EDC is wild. We care very very much about how the stage looks, and what we can see in the environment, like things you have never expected to see when you are walking around. When we are doing the EDC in Las Vegas, we have 140,000 people every day over the three days, and even if you spend three days there, what you see every day is totally different.

BRC: Another question for Dave. We have seen a lot of international or China domestic music festivals, the line-ups are sometimes very similar. As a head of talent, what is your consideration when designing the line-up for the EDC?

Dave: Each market is different, so you have to look at each market. We listen to our partner very carefully about what is important to them. If you look at most of our line-ups, there is a difference. There may be artists that we feel so good but not renowned, we have to push them forward by giving them a bigger platform to develop their career as an artist. It is important to present a musical smorgasbord, a “musical dim sum plate”, to give people the opportunity to choose what’s right for them. For me, it doesn't matter whether the DJ is the number 1 or the number 1000 in the world, what matters is whether they can share the uniqueness of their music to their audience. It is the audience who visit the festival, not the DJs. The audience are the most important people.

BRC: Will you provide a chance for talented upcoming artists, not only DJs, to perform on stage?

Dave: We’re always looking for new and exciting sounds, so the essential answer to your question is of course. Of course we will. But it has to fit the curation of the festival.

BRC: More and more EDM brands and DJs come to Asia, what do you think about the EDM market in Asia in the future, especially in China?

Matt: When you compare 2018 to 2017, you can see everything has changed. The market is growing. I think if there is more exposure of EDM, the fan base will grow grow grow. In music festival, from the stages to the performers to the art to the experience to the feeling that the fans have are important, so I think that if we have more shows here, the more we are gonna push the culture and the music here. So we are very excited about the future.

BRC: What is your plan in 2018 for your company? Can you share a little bit with us?

Matt: We can’t share anything specific right now, but we are planning to bring more brands here, brands that I am sure that you have heard before, Escape, Beyond, Bassrush, those are all on our plan, we are very excited about the future.

BRC: Last question. Who’s your favourite artist and what is your playlist right now?

Dave: There are so many of them. There is a guy from Australia called Fisher. For me, his music embodies everything about the future. His music is very full of thinking, his persona on stage and off stage is nothing but fun. There’s nothing serious about him, but his music is incredible. I also like a guy called Chris Lake. There are some other guys from France, one is called Anoraak, and also Polo & Pan.

Matt: Salman. We just had a show with him in L.A., he is epic. There are a number of promising artists like Gryffin, Alison Wonderland, we are super excited about them now.  

BRC: Thank you guys for your time, we are looking forward to seeing you guys again in April in EDC China. See you there!


Listen to the full interview on Billboard Radio China to get to know more about EDC China.

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