In this episode of 10 Questions we are delighted to have DJ Juicy M, who is probably best known for her videos on YouTube mixing with four decks without using headphones. She sat down with Billboard Radio China's DJ Doomkitty at the LKF Hotel to discuss her career, production, and future plans. She started off DJ-ing in Ukraine and moved to Germany after gaining experience in her home country. Juicy M said back when she started, she had little access to the Internet. She didn’t know how people would DJ traditionally so she figured out her own system in the bedroom, and developed an instinct for pressing the right buttons at the right time without headphones.

She talked about her first wave of hate from the audience when she started to build a reputation amongst DJs and producers, dealing with discrimination based on the way she worked and her looks. Instead of wasting energy on other people's opinions, she decided to focus on producing her own work and developing her own style independent of public opinion. 

She became the first female artist signed to Armada Music’s Chased Management, and it definitely proved how good Juicy M is with her music. She started her own radio show Juicyland as well, and through the show she gives new and rising musicians the opportunity to showcase their talent, and uses her influence to nurture new prospects for the industry.

We got a chance to check out her amazing set at Zentral and had an amazing time. If you want to know more about the beautiful and talented DJ Juicy M and doing your own thing, definitely check this interview out!