We've got some new friends here with us today for an interview! With members from HK, Australia and the US, Esimorp came over to our studio to chat with our DJ Connie about their experience at the Battle of the Band 2017, their musical inspirations, future plans, and, most importantly, their recently released singles. 

Esimorp won the Volkswagen X Underground Battle of the Bands 2017 this past May. The band disclosed that they had never really played together yet when they signed up for the contest but you can tell that the four of them have bonded if you watch their performance online. Talking about the prizes they received from the competition, Esimorp discussed having a chance to record three singles with Sammy So from KOLOR. During the interview, they talked us through the recording process and the songs that are expected to be released starting later this summer. 

Their first single “Apostasy,“ which might be their most well-known song, is out now. They have been mixing and mastering singles with Sammy for quite a while in order to make their first production as good as it can be. The band hopes to perform at a few international music festivals in the coming future but they say their biggest goal is to bring joy to their audiences. They believe that music can make a difference and all of them would like to play and love music, and at the same time, help others throughout the world. After all, staying positive and spreading the sense of joy are what have become crucial principles for Esimorp.

Don’t forget to stay tuned with us and listen to this episode of 10 Questions with Esimorp if you want to know more about this stunning band! 

Text By: Connie Fong