What’s up Billboarders! You’ve tuned in to another episode of Ten Questions with our DJ Chloe Fang. This time we have with us the dance music production and DJ group from UK who have been making waves on the progressive house scene. This is, Ten Questions with Pink Panda.


Pink Panda is performing at Club Fovea in Hong Kong, which marked their first performance in Greater China area. The panda gang also announced their new residency with Ministry of Sound and The Gallery Club in U.K. During the interview they talked about the design behind their panda mask line and shared the process of making the new remix for Calvin Harris “Slide”, which was also featured on Tiesto Podcast. The Pandas look forward to potential collaborations with The Chainsmokers and Adele for more slow electro grooves.


In 2017 Pink Panda is look forward to more festival appearances and some big releases with Armanda Music, beginning with “Follow Me” launching on April 26th. It’s definitely the year of Panda and make sure you check out the full interview!