Today was a special day for Billboard Radio China, as we got to sit down with a living legend!

Not only is this man a six time Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer but he is also a ground breaking innovator in the dance music world. Thats right guys, we got to sit down with world renown artist, Kaskade.
Kaskade who started DJ'ing in his native city of Chicago in 1995 began his journey like many others, in the dark alleys of night clubs. However fast forward 23 years and Kaskade is headlining events like the Ultra Music Festival and selling out arenas, becoming a household name on the EDM circuit. 

Kaskade is truly a multi talented man who doesn't just kill it on stage performing his widely popular songs. But now he's a top producer that is responsible for a lot of up and coming talent in the EDM scene.

In this interview we take a look back at his long reign at the top of the game, and we delve into what keeps him motivated to bring his fans endless inspirational music. 

Aside from telling us about what drives him, he also gives us his insight on the EDM scene in Asia. He talks about how this market is up and coming and that the fans are showing the same level of passion that drives the music in Europe and in the U.S. 

So to all of his fans out here in Asia, keep up the energy, because we are certainly getting noticed.

We also touched on a topic that's close to Kaskade's heart, which if you have been following him. Is his first Christmas album. He talks about what Christmas means to him and why he made it a priority to finally make this dream come true.

We can truly say he is genuinely a top guy who gave us an amazing insight into his incredible mind.

Thanks Kaskade for continuing to entertaining us and we can't wait to see you back here soon.