In this episode of 10 questions, we have a special guest that started her career not with a label, but on the Internet. She started posting her recordings and covers on a social media app called Keek, and from there she began to gain a massive following, and the rest is what we are witnessing right now! Let's welcome Maggie Lindemann!

Q: You are only 18 years old but your music is a lot more mature than your age that really would be suggested. Tell me a little bit more about your sounds or your songs, all of that.

A: I usually like to keep it genuine and also acoustic. I just have me and my guitar player. I want my music to be real and I like to be myself. That is why I have been trying to show that through my own music and performances.

Q: Your Song “Pretty Girl” has turned into a massive success internationally around the world. What is the story behind that?

A: I have been like going through a lot of stuff on social media. I know a lot of people on social media are getting into music. It is because of the following it is easier for you to do a lot more stuff. I think people thought I wasn’t doing genuine with it but I was just doing it to do it. That is just not the case. I think there are also a lot of people judge me based on what I do post on social media and how I present myself. I wanted a song that was expressing that I am more than what I posted, something more about my family and my own story.I simply just want people to realise that I am more than just a picture.

Q: How did you get to where you are today?

Someone took my video on Keek and posted it on Youtube. It was like a really old video when I was in ninth grade. My manager found it and that is how it started my career. Actually, he emailed my email but my parents were managing me at the time. So my parents totally ignored it. It is because they didn’t want me to get through all the “Singing doesn’t always work out” process. But they eventually told me when I was in somewhere in LA later.

Q: What is your favourite social media platform?

I love Snapchat. You can just post what you want.Anywhere and anytime you want.  Also, you won’t get any comments about that so that's my favourite social media platform as I don’t need to worry about anything!

Stay tuned for more details about Maggie Lindemann and don't forget to watch her performance at the coming Billboard Hot 100 Festival this summer! Enjoy!