Billboard Radio China got the chance recently to sit down with Hong Kong singer Jason Chan to do a pair of back-to-back, live streamed interviews in English and Chinese. From his early years coming from Canada as a young man, to where he is today, we got the scoop on his life and career thus far. It’s been a long ride for the singer, who originally had designs on becoming a hair dresser in Toronto before being convinced to sign a recording contract. This year marks the first decade of his career in music, something that he’s celebrated with a three-night concert series held in late November 2016.


Jason’s no stranger to Billboard Radio China, he opened the Billboard Radio Live series at the AIA Great European Carnival in early January to a massive crowd of friends and fans where he also received the Billboard Radio China awards for Best Cantonese Male Artist of the Year 2016 and one of the Cantonese Top 10 Songs of the Year 2016. The event, hosted by Billboard Radio China’s DJ Doomkitty, marked the beginning of a big year for the singer, highlights of which include his release of the 3-disc special, The Players, and his upcoming wedding to his longtime girlfriend and business partner.


Alongside DJ Doomkitty, Jason got us up to date on where his career has gone and where things are going. We also had a chance to find out a little more about his personal life, including the veritable zoo he’s building at home, why he didn’t buy an engagement ring for his fiancée, and his plans to start his own family. We found out more about how he uses emotion to drive his performances, how a young Syrian boy influenced his single, Tower of Babel, and how he ended up doing three days of performances in a row. Check out the full interview above including some of Jason’s most well-known songs.