We’re back again with another great interview! Billboard Radio China’s DJ Doomkitty sat down with an Indian duo who are rocking the underground scene in a country of over a billion people and are working on six and a half billion more. From the Himalayan peaks to the coast of the Indian Ocean, Fuzzculture is making waves with an electronic sound that can’t be missed.

    The duo, Arsh Sharma (Vocals/Guitar) and Srijan Mahajan (Percussion), both write and produce their own tracks and have developed a sound that’s unmatched throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Fuzzculture came through Hong Kong in mid-October to perform as part of an Indie Rock Party put on by All That Junk. Rolling Stone India once said of the band, “If you know how to start a party, you’re doing electronic music right…[Fuzzculture] are doing exactly that.”

    We got the skinny on everything from the state of Indian politics (fractured, just like everywhere else), the rapid development of Bollywood (you can get away with anything these days!), and how music writing and production has changed in the last forty years (it’s just gotten more electronic). Having been on the scene of both underground music and aboveground musical production, the pair have worked on everything from deep cut electronic music to a recently released movie.

    From the early days to their modern age, we found out everything we could about Fuzzculture, heard their music, and even got a couple of pictures. What more do you want from a great band? Dig yourself down into the underground with this interview, because there’s no better way to spend your time.